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Affordable and high quality cat food in Reading from Pets and Plants

The dry cat food we stock is:


• Hills

• Iams

• James Wellbeloved

• Royal Canin

• Omega

• Burns

• Burgess Supa cat

• Whiskas

• Charlies Choice


Most of these are stocked but we are able to order any in that we may not have at the time.

For leading brands of cat food in Reading,

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Do you want t give your cat the best food possible at an affordable price? Pets and Plants stock a wide range of dry or moist cat food to suit any budget and cats' taste. Contact us now for more information about what we stock,

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The moist pouch and tinned food stocked are:


• Iams

• Hills

• Applaws

• Whiskas

• Felix

• Kitekat

• Denes

Any others required may be ordered in if not stocked.


We also stock a range of treats such as Whiskas treats, Webbox, Natures menu and Thomas cat treats.