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Chicken feed and bird feed in Reading from Pets and Plants

We stock a comprehensive range of chicken and wild bird feeds for your needs but we can also help with chicken health products, accessories and housing. To speak to a member of our team about our prices or for any information, contact us now.

We keep a various range of chicken feeds including:

• Layers pellets / Layers meal

• Chick crumbs / Rearer pellets

• Mixed corn


We also stock a selection of dry and live mealworms



We sell grit which is essential for good digestion in the form of crushed oyster shell and natural grit.

Wild bird feeds

• Wild bird seed

• Peanuts

• Peanuts in shell

• Sunflower hearts

• Niger seed

For high affordably priced chicken and bird feed in Reading, call Pets and Plants now on


• Wild bird treats

• Fat Balls

• Suet cakes and pellets

• Meal worms

• Coconuts


For a full list of our stock or for our prices, please contact us now.

Chicken feeds

Chicken and bird feed cotswold wild bird

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Carry Home bargain bags of cotswold wild bird seed. Only £4.99 for 12.5kg.