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If you are looking for stunning fish or various sized tanks and fish accessories, Pets and Plants can help. We stock everything you need to get an outdoors pond or indoor aquarium started.

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We stock a varied range of tropical and cold water fish. Any fish not in stock at any particular time can usually be ordered providing the wholesaler has them listed.

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Fish and fish accessories in Reading from Pets and Plants

Cold water Fish


The cold water fish we usually have in stock are:


• Goldfish (gold, yellow and black varieties)

• Shubunkins

• Orandas

• Black moors

• Lionheads

• Pearlscales

• Koi (occasionally)

Tropical Fish


The tropical fish we usually have in stock are:


• Neon's

• Guppies

• Sharks

• Gouramis

• Corydoras

• Plus many more

• Glow lights

• Angels

For our latest stock list please contact us.