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We understand that getting a bargain on anything is great so why not pet food as well? We have a wide range of pet food special offers that we are sure you will love.


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Pet food special offers in Reading from Pets and Plants

For great pet food special offers in Reading,

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Special Offers.

Special Offers for Dogs.


Pets and Plants stock a varied range of dog foods and treats.


Arden Grange


Large breed 12kg bags. 2 for £65.00 (ask in store)




Grain free menu single carton £1.30 adult flavours stocked.

Box of 18 price £21.99 or 2 for £39.99

(other varieties such as life stage, senior etc can be ordered at any time.

Any 5 boxes of grain free forthglade now £95.00




Single carton £1.25 (all varieties stocked. Puppy/junior, Adult various flavours & senior light)

Box of 18 £19.75(single variety or mixed box)

Or 2 boxes for £37.99

Special Offer while stock lasts 5 boxes for £88.50


James Wellbeloved


Adult Lamb or Turkey pouches 1.00P each

Or £11.75 a box of ten

Puppy Lamb or Turkey pouches 1.00p each

Or £11.75 for a box of ten

2kg bags of dry food puppy, adult and senior. also grain free. start at £10.75

15kg adult all flavours £47.99

(new special lower prices, all varieties of James wellbeloved included)


Charlies Choice


Our own brand of dry dog food.

2.5kg bags starting at £9.25

6kg bags starting at £23.99

12kg bags starting at £34.99


Charlies finest


A grain free version of our own food bags starting at £11.50

6kg bags starting at £26.50

12kg bags starting at £39.75







Buy 7 and get one half price of any variety of same size bags. Purchases do not need to be made together. Ask in store for more details.





14kg Hills adult large breed dog. £43.50


Dog Chews

Pigs ears £1.25 each

Buy 10 for £10.50

or Box of 50 for £38.99

Pressed Rawhide Bones dog chews

6" £1.25 each or 2 for £2.25

8" £2.35 each or 2 for £4.50

Rawhide knotted Bones dog chews

8" £1.45 each or 2 for £2.65

10" £1.95 each or 2 for £3.50

Large Rawhide Shoes dog chews

£1.25 each or 2 for £2.25

Rawhide Cigars

5" 60p each or 2 for £1.00

10" 85p each or 2 for £1.50


Small Animal


Large Bagged Hay (approx 1.8kg)

£3.50 each or 2 for £6.50

Or 5 bags for £15.50

Large bagged Straw (approx 1.5kg)

£3.35 each or 2 for £6.00

Or 5 bags for £14.50

Small Bagged Woodchips

£3.50 each or 2 for £6.50

Large bale for £12.99




20kg Layers Pellets any 2 sacks for £18.99. 2 mixed corn for £16.99 or one mixed corn 1 layers pellets for £17.50 (mixed corn £8.99, Layers pellets £9.99 each and layers meal £10.75) (Chick Crumbs,Verm X layers pellets & Grower pellets are not included in the offer)



Wild Bird

Fatballs 25p each or 6 for £1.00

20kg Wild bird supreme £11.50 or 2 for £20.00

Dried mealworms £11.50 per kilo or £10.00 when purchasing 3kg or more.

Fatballs, box of 150 £14.25

12.5KG Wild bird seed carry pack £5.50




Tubs of crickets, Locusts, Mealworms and Waxworms

£2.95 a tub

or 3 tubs for £7.99


Frozen fish food

100g Frozen bloodworm, daphnia and brine shrimp (contains 30 cubes)

£2.50 each or 3 packs for £7.00






Click here for more info on Charlie's Choice




Burns dog food


Buy 7 and get one free (all sizes included)


Loyalty cards available in store now.





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